Please find below the guidelines for the full paper preparation and the submission steps.

Elsevier Guide for Authors:

Paper Publication:

CIRP CMS 2021 papers will be published on Procedia CIRP (by Elsevier B.V.), which is indexed in the EI Compendex and Scopus databases.

Full Paper Preparation:

  1. The length of the paper must be between 3 and 6 pages, including figures and references.
  2. Do not include blank page(s) at the end of the paper, in order to achieve the minimum length.
  3. Full papers should be prepared based on the provided template below.
  4. Full paper submission is due by 15 December 2020.

Full Paper Submission process:

  1. Log in/Register to Elsevier Editorial Manager as Author: Link Here
  2. Click "Submissions Needing Revision"
  3. Click "Revise Submission"
  4. Make sure the selected article type is "SI: CMS 2021" and click proceed
  5. In the next page select only the Declaration of Interest Statement to be included in the revision and click proceed
  6. Upload the Manuscript in Word and PDF format and click proceed
  7. Follow the steps for completing the details of your manuscript
  8. Build PDF, check that it is correct and approve the submission

Important notice for authors, when uploading their manuscript in LaTex format:

  1. Upload the LaTex source files and compile them online (without the item type "Latex source files")
  2. Package the .tex source file and all required files into a .zip file and make sure that there are no subdirectories (e.g. for figures)


Please find hereafter two links with more information on the Latex submission instructions by Elsevier.  

Full Paper Templates:

MS Word Template

LaTeX Template

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